☼ All items are handmade to order, just for you. Turn around time is 4-5 weeks☼

Our Materials

Genuine leather will patina over time which adds so much character. After adventures that lead to undesirable scratches, simply wipe your bag down with a damp cloth or leather cleaner. Ta-da!

Waxed Canvas starts with100% cotton canvas which is hand waxed in Texas with local beeswax. "Waxed fabric is beautifully imperfect, it scratches, it distresses and wears much like leather. Waxing fabric creates a naturally rugged, sturdy and durable fabric that has a "'lived-in look'" -AL Frances Textiles

Clean with a damp cloth, do not use soap, please! Get caught in the rain with your new bag? Use a blow-dryer to re-melt the wax and be amazed at how all imperfections go away!

Veg Tan Leather is leather that has not been treated with any oils or dyes. It will darken over time and tan (much like our skin) when exposed to the sun. Speed up the process by rubbing in some oil.

Bogolan Mud Cloth is handmade from start to finish by the talented Malian people. The cotton is carded, spun and woven into cloth. Next the strips of cloth are sew together and dyed using fermented mud - hence the name- clay, or bark from trees. After it is dried, the artist hand stamps the imagery onto the cloth. Each stamp's design represents something different as this cloth has a deeply rooted history in Malian culture. We source our mud cloth from a US based family company that works with their relatives in Mali. 

Pendleton Wool is a family owned company that operates in the PNW and specializes in woolen textiles. They use traditional weaving techniques, and do limited runs of each of the patterns. Pendleton recommends their genuine wool should be dry cleaned only as washing and drying would shrink the wool.